Hello! :^)

I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bath. I am part of the European Media and Immersion Lab (EMIL) as a member of the Expert Advisory Group (EAG), and a node mentor for FSTP projects on Mixed Reality. My research interests and activities are around emotion recognition, physiological and contextual sensing, and Mixed Reality technology.

I am currently investigating automatic emotion recognition models for adaptive systems in physiologically noisy environments, such as during high-intensity Virtual Reality exergaming. Prior research explored developing interaction techniques, adaptive tangible devices, and collocated collaboration all within Mixed Reality environments.


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Email: dmp59[at]  Download my CV


  • April'24: Attending Southwest PreCHI to showcase our upcoming paper and demos for CHI'24.
  • May CHI'24: Attending the PhysioCHI'24 workshop and presenting our automatic emotion recognition SDK for VR.
  • May CHI'24: Presenting my new CHI paper on automatic emotion recognition during VR exergaming "Sweating the Details" at CHI 2024 in Hawaii. Full paper and virtual talk can be found here.
  • May CHI'24: Leading REVEAL's Interactivity @ CHI 2024 Hawaii. See the video preview for our VR demos here.